Tuesday, February 15, 2011

14 Month Hiatus

Now that I have taken a 14 month hiatus from our blog I have decided to start back up recording our lives again. Hopefully I will do much better than the last time I promised to do much better! Stay tuned for a quick re-cap of 2010!! I am not going to start tonight because it is too late and I should be in bed, but soon real soon I promise, for any of you out there that care for a Terry Family update!!!


LGourley said...

Yeah! I care about your updates!

Hanna in the House... said...

Okay, now that I have finally started up again, I want to read more! Update please!!!! And soon. I feel like I know nothing that goes on any more in any ones lives!:) Love and miss youtons!

Terry Family said...

I will try and update soon. 'Cause my 14 month hiatus turned into a much longer one, shame on me. I enjoy being in the loop of my families lives.