Tuesday, February 15, 2011

14 Month Hiatus

Now that I have taken a 14 month hiatus from our blog I have decided to start back up recording our lives again. Hopefully I will do much better than the last time I promised to do much better! Stay tuned for a quick re-cap of 2010!! I am not going to start tonight because it is too late and I should be in bed, but soon real soon I promise, for any of you out there that care for a Terry Family update!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update Warning . . . .

This is a warning for anyone who actually reads this blog. . . I fell way behind on posts (obviously) that I wanted to do about our life the last 4 months or so. I made it my goal to catch up before the new year, and besides the Christmas post I have finally done so. So if you find the time and want to catch up on the last few months of our life have fun (I hope) reading ~~ Mandi

P.S. I hope to do much better at staying up to date in 2010!! My goal is also to take more pictures I slacked on them this year as well.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family Pictures

It has been five years since we did a family picture on my dad's side of the family. A lot has changed in those last five years, Sandy was able to organize a time for all of the family to get together for the FAMILY PICTURE. The funny thing about life is it will continue to change. My sister Sheila is pregnant (even though you can't tell) and due in a few months, but at some point you just have to get the picture. I would say the most difficult thing was to get all of the little ones to look at the camera at the same time, let alone get them to smile. The process was painless and in the end it all worked out, we have some great pictures.

I think this was as close as we got to having everyone looking forward

This was do something funny pose, which some of us did better than others.

Sheila, Jackson, & Adalynn

Bob, LauraLee, Chase & Emmalee

Dad (John) & Sandy (Step-mom)
Trevor & Kendra

Chris, Hanna, Chandler, Gabe, & Finley

and then us the Terry Family
Thanks Sandy for all the time & effort it is great to have the pictures & memories.


December 17th

Happy Birthday, best wishes hope you had a great day!!


December 19th
Thanks for being the great sister you are, hope you had a great birthday!

2009 Christmas Card

Here is our 2009 Christmas Card, if you did not receive one in the mail I hope this makes up for it!

Christmas Band Concert

Clayton had his first band concert. We drove over to Driggs on snowy roads to attend. He did really well. He plays the drums, bells, and other related items. We were too far back to get any decent pictures of the actually concert, but I was able to snap this one after the concert. It's a really good picture of the both of them.

Good Job Clayton!